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Little Cat Invitational
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7th Grade
8th Grade

Results are posted here for the 2003 Little Cat Invitational Track & Field Meet hosted by Lisle High School held May 3, 2003 at Wilde Field, Lisle, Illinois.


Use the table below to find the event you want, or go to the division on the left to find each event.

Order of Running Events

Saturday, May 1  --  9:30 am   Start

9:30 am    100H     F    7th Grade Girls
           100H     F    8th Grade Girls
           110H     F    7th Grade Boys
           110H     F    8th Grade Boys

9:50 am    100      F    7th Grade Girls
           100      F    8th Grade Girls
           100      F    7th Grade Boys
           100      F    8th Grade Boys

10:00 am   1600     F    7th Grade Girls
           1600     F    8th Grade Girls
           1600     F    7th Grade Boys
           1600     F    8th Grade Boys

10:40 am   4x100    F    7th Grade Girls
           4x100    F    8th Grade Girls
           4x100    F    7th Grade Boys
           4x100    F    8th Grade Boys

10:55 am   400      F    7th Grade Girls
           400      F    8th Grade Girls
           400      F    7th Grade Boys
           400      F    8th Grade Boys

11:20 am   200      F    7th Grade Girls
           200      F    8th Grade Girls
           200      F    7th Grade Boys
           200      F    8th Grade Boys

11:40 am   800      F    7th Grade Girls
           800      F    8th Grade Girls
           800      F    7th Grade Boys
           800      F    8th Grade Boys

12:00 pm   4x200    F    7th Grade Girls
           4x200    F    8th Grade Girls
           4x200    F    7th Grade Boys
           4x200    F    8th Grade Boys

12:25 pm   4x400    F    7th Grade Girls
           4x400    F    8th Grade Girls
           4x400    F    7th Grade Boys
           4x400    F    8th Grade Boys

Order of Field Events

Saturday, May 1  --  9:00 am   Start

9:00 am    LJ     7th Grade Girls
           LJ     8th Grade Girls
           LJ     7th Grade Boys
           LJ     8th Grade Boys

           TJ     7th Grade Girls
           TJ     8th Grade Girls
           TJ     7th Grade Boys
           TJ     8th Grade Boys

           SP     7th Grade Girls
           SP     8th Grade Girls
           SP     7th Grade Boys
           SP     8th Grade Boys

           DT     7th Grade Girls
           DT     8th Grade Girls
           DT     7th Grade Boys
           DT     8th Grade Boys

           HJ     7th Grade Girls
           HJ     8th Grade Girls
           HJ     7th Grade Boys
           HJ     8th Grade Boys

           PV     7th Grade Girls
           PV     8th Grade Girls
           PV     7th Grade Boys
           PV     8th Grade Boys

Team Scores

7th Grade Girls
8th Grade Girls
7th Grade Boys
8th Grade Boys

Heat/Flight Assignments

To view the Heat & Flight Assignments, visit the appropriate event above.  What is posted prior to the meet are the Heat & Flight Assignments, not results.  After the meet, the results will replace all assignments.



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