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Timing Equipment
Bar Code Equipment

There are three types of timing equipment Kreppert Kompusport Software sells:

Timing Equipment
Kreppert Kompusport Software is an authorized dealer of Ultrak and Seiko timing devices.   This includes a full line of SportsWatches, Professional Stopwatches, Sports Stopwatches, Timers, Pedometers and Counters.
The hottest item item is the Ultrak 499 Stopwatch and Printer.  It acts like a standard stopwatch but can record up to 500 splits in segmented memory.  Different events can be recorded and stored in memory, then recalled latter, printed on the battery powered printer, or transmitted to a computer.  The timing of all Cross Country meets by Kreppert Kompusport Software is accomplished using this stopwatch.


Touchscreens work under Windows and allows the operator to merely touch the screen to move the mouse around on the screen.  The touchscreen simulates the mouse, so anything that can be done with the mouse, can usually be done with a touchscreen, only faster and easier.
These touchscreens may be used with any computer software but have been specifically tested to be used with the Shooters 'TOUCH' Stat software on laptop computers.  Due to the speed at which basketball games are played, these touchscreens respond quickly to allow the user to enter data into the computer during the game.
These touchscreens are used regularly at basketball games in which Kreppert Kompusport Software provides stats.  In the last three years that amounts to more than 400 games.


Bar Code Equipment
This bar code scanner and storage device can be used at Cross Country meets, Roadraces, or anywhere that bar codes need to be scanned.  These devices even work with laptop computers.
Utilizing 64k of memory, the M3000 has plenty of memory for even the largest of projects.  It is also programmable so that scanning errors are greatly minimized.   This bar code equipment, along with a laser scanner, is what Kreppert Kompusport Software uses at all of the Cross Country meets each season.  Speed and accuracy is critical, and this bar code scanner meets those demands beautifully.



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