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Shooters 'TOUCH' Stat
This program is designed to be able to record basketball statistics courtside, while the game is going on.  It is designed for Windows and takes advantage of touchscreen technology to help record the stats faster and more accurately.
This program is designed to produce results of Cross Country running meets.   It is designed to use electronic timing devices and bar code scanning.
Timing Equipment
Kreppert Kompusport Software is an authorized dealer of Ultrak and Seiko timing devices.
Voice Command Software
Kreppert Kompusport Software is a reseller of Verbex Voice Command Software.  Using it, the Shooters 'TOUCH' Stat and XCountry software is far easier to use.  The Verbex software is designed to work even in very loud envirenments, such as at basketball games.
Touchscreens work under Windows and allows the operator to merely touch the screen to move the mouse around on the screen.  The touchscreen simulates the mouse, so anything that can be done with the mouse, can usually be done with a touchscreen, only faster and easier.
Bar Code Equipment
This bar code scanner and storage device can be used at Cross Country meets, Roadraces, or anywhere that bar codes need to be scanned.  These devices even work with laptop computers.



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